Bubbleware Crisis 2020

It's the year 2019. I'm quite convinced that there's a crash coming next year. I see and sense different factors playing their part in it, but I am particularly aware of the circumstances of the software industry. I'm specially convinced that the software industry will inevitably go through a crash late this year or in early 2020. If you feel so inclined and don't like the term “crash”, you might call it a painful re-adjustment of the industry.

That is what I am convinced of. But it doesn't really matter much at all, for the following is obviously “just fiction”. I won't pretend to claim anything at all in the following three short stories is in any way based on actual events or existing people. It is, I insist, fiction. These three short stories explore from fairly different perspectives that idea of the software crisis. Different set-up, different scope, different reach. But at the same time, similar themes, and similar results in all of them.

The Attack

The first story is small. There's not really that much of a crash to be honest. It's all limited to two different rival companies. The nature of the problem is intentional and directed. You will be able to read it here.

This story shows “how it can happen”.

The Movement

This second perspective is larger. There's widespread damage and whole parts of the industry as a whole suffer through it. But there's no intentional motivation. The crash just happens as a consequence of a number or both internal and external factors. You'll be able to read this one here.

This story shows “how it may appear”.

The Conspiracy

The last of these stories is, probably, the weird one. The crash is both large and intentional. There are powerful parties with their own motivations to “transform” the software industry in a painful and impactful way. This one will be located here for reading.

This story is just crazy conspiranoia xD