I don't do that any more

I've been around 10 years -on and off- on Reddit's /r/javascript. 8 years on Stack Overflow. I've been to other, similar places too. For some time there was JavaHispano, or various other forums around the Internet. Newsgroups, support mailing lists, help forums… I've also maintained a number of websites with various technical content. And of course, everywhere I've worked at I ended up being some sort of go-to person for various kinds of help.

I don't pursue this. It just happens…

And unfortunately it has consumed a large part of me. I don't blame that on anyone in particular. I tend to think that it just happens. If you leave a door open, people are going to walk in. And it's hard to keep them out because, well, you left the door open, so…

But now I've decided I just don't do that any more, sorry.

I will leave the content that is already here in this site available to anyone who wants to read it1). But that's it. I abandoned Reddit, Stack Overflow, and LinkedIn, and my Twitter account is as good as closed.

I don't have much time left here, and I'm sorry but I can't spend it that way any longer.

which I'm pretty sure will not be a number greater than 2, maybe 3 people